Oliver Gould on Service Mesh, Containers, and Edge

Joining us this week is Oliver Gould, CTO Buoyant who provides a service mesh abstraction view to micro-services and Kubernetes. Oliver and Rob also take a look at how applications are managed at the edge and highlights the future roadmap for Conduit.

• Defining microservices and Kubernetes from Buoyant viewpoint
• Service mesh abstractions at a request level (load balance, get, put, …)
• Conduit overview – client-side load balancing
• Service mesh tool comparisons
• Edge Computing discussion from service mesh view

Haseeb Budhani on App Development for Edge and Cloud Best Fit

Joining us this week is Haseeb Budhani, Co-Founder and CEO, Rafay Systems.

• Building an application deployment platform as close to the Edge as possible
• Supporting containers, microservices (move latency sensitive parts of app to Edge) and availability of infrastructure
• Definition of Edge to Rafay Systems
• Issues of massive amount of data at the Edge to be handled – Use Cases
• Will Edge suffer from device specific infrastructure needs?
• Application bottlenecks and impact of cloud locations and end user
• Placement control of services is still an open issue based on user requirements
• IT infrastructure and ownership and performance issues (IT vs Operation Teams)
• Cloud and Edge are not competitive; they work together to offer applications best fit

Yves Boudreau on State of the Edge Report and Edge vs Cloud

Joining us this week is Yves Boudreau from Ericsson for his 2nd Podcast appearance (1st Podcast).

• Edge as an accelerant not having to wait until Edge is built completely
• Opportunity Cost using Edge as is; no time to wait
• Be Specific when Requesting Services
• Internet and Networks are Not Unlimited Pipes
• Interesting Use Cases for Edge – Augmented Reality, Drone, Cars, Batteries
o Jason Hoffman Podcast for Batteries
• Cost savings of where the data processing is done
• Open Source software communities at the Edge

Richard Primeaux talks Robotics as a System

Joining us this week is Richard Primeaux, Head of Product and Strategy, Hangar Technology.

• Cars are the wrong choice for autonomous vehicles – test out on autonomous drones for infrastructure projects (e.g. new buildings, cell towers, …)
• Mission plans delivered to drone for execution as a robot
• What is a robot? Difficult – Dangerous – High Degree of Repeatability – Dull Tasks
• Robot is controlled from program that is run independent of a controller
• 4-D visual insights delivered to customers
• Robotics as a System ~ requires a great deal of components for success; not just electronics
• What an Edge infrastructure will look like to support these robots
• GPS accuracy is not enough for flying robotics
• Supporting external influences that happen in real time
• Building multi-vendor edges coordinating data
• Discussion on how car automation can learn from drone automation

Eric Wright talks DevOpsishFullStackishness and Woke IT

Joining us this week is Eric Wright, Director Technical Marketing/Evangelist at Turbonomic and podcaster/evangelist at Discoposse.com.

” RANT on Cloud Terminology w/ new terms “DevOpsishFullStackishness” & “Woke IT”
” Open Source communities, vendors, and value of users
” Edge Computing – Definition, Turbonomic Role in Cloud/Edge
” Edge and Cloud are Hybrid – Embrace multiple paradigms including legacy
” Discussion of Go language and RackN usage

Paul Teich on Enterprise Security, Hardware Issues at Edge, Augmented Reality and 5G

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Paul Teich, Principal Analyst, Tirias Research. Paul offered his insight into several key industry trends as well as the recent Spectre and Meltdown discoveries.

* Spectre and Meltdown – Will this drive additional security focus?
* Augmented Reality and AI is the holy grail of Edge and Cloud
* Capabilities of 5G and its impact over next 10 years
* Why is Hyper Converged Infrastructure popular?

Tim Crawford on Technology Choice, Patching, Edge and Competition in the Enterprise

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Tim Crawford from AVOA who is ranked as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Chief Technology Officers (#4) and Top 100 Cloud Expert and Influencer. He focuses on several interesting topics:

* CIO selection of new technology for enterprise
* Challenges for Enterprise to patch and upgrade software/hardware
* Edge Computing – what it is, CIO thinking
* Vendor Landscape
* Open Source for CIOs – when to use and why

Dave McCrory on Data Gravity, Data Inertia, and Edge

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Dave McCrory, VP of Engineering for Machine Learning at GE Digital. He focuses on several interesting topics:

• Data Gravity Overview
• Data “Training” – Monetization – Application Usage in Edge
• Multi-Tenancy in Edge?