Rich Miller on Cloud Innovation and Edge Revolution

Joining us this week is Rich Miller, CEO and Managing Director of Telematica, Inc.

• GitHub and Microsoft Discussion ~ Why is GitHub so Valuable?
• Evolution of Open Source and its Commercial Aspects
• Monetization of Open Source Depends on Services for Success
• Container Management and Marketplace for Innovation
• ISV Ecosystem ~ All About Big Money and the New Tech Investment Thesis
• Multi-Platforms / Multi-CSP Change the Nature of Innovation from the Independents
• Edge Computing will Disrupt the Locus of Opportunities
• The Edge Marketplace and Cloud Platform Marketplace Must Appear Unified to Developers
• Edge Infrastructure Multi-Tenancy and Development Challenges
• Distributed Ledger at Edge is the Killer Edge App
• How will Cloud, Blockchain and Edge be Driven toward Integration in the Future? Email Example

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