About Cloud2030

We bring together advanced operators to design and build the next generation of cloud infrastructure so we can preserve autonomy, improve resilience and accelerate innovation.

Our Vision

What is cloud in 2030?  It’s not just 100x of the centralized cloud we have today, but something that’s even more integrated into our lives.  A place where personal, edge, business, and hyperscale are rebalanced based on new technologies, streamlined development techniques and improved operational models.

Our Mission

To give a voice to a community of infrastructure operators in a vendor neutral environment.  Infrastructure is very broadly defined to range from personal and edge to enterprise and cloud.

Our Community

While focused on operators of infrastructure, we welcome a range of interested parties who are ready to balance between pragmatism (to get stuff done)  and vision (have strong opinions). Our conversations are ongoing and new people are always welcome to join.


By describing the future, we help shape it.  By doing that collectively as users and operators, we reclaim the authority for building from vendors into a shared space.