Richard Primeaux talks Robotics as a System

Joining us this week is Richard Primeaux, Head of Product and Strategy, Hangar Technology.

• Cars are the wrong choice for autonomous vehicles – test out on autonomous drones for infrastructure projects (e.g. new buildings, cell towers, …)
• Mission plans delivered to drone for execution as a robot
• What is a robot? Difficult – Dangerous – High Degree of Repeatability – Dull Tasks
• Robot is controlled from program that is run independent of a controller
• 4-D visual insights delivered to customers
• Robotics as a System ~ requires a great deal of components for success; not just electronics
• What an Edge infrastructure will look like to support these robots
• GPS accuracy is not enough for flying robotics
• Supporting external influences that happen in real time
• Building multi-vendor edges coordinating data
• Discussion on how car automation can learn from drone automation

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