Lack of Seriousness in Cybersecurity, Security thru Transparency, and Blockchain

Joining us this week is Mike D. Kail, previously the CTO of Cybric and Yahoo’s CIO and SVP of Infrastructure.

• RANT Cast on Cybersecurity Regulations from Governments
o Security is Important but NOT a Priority
• Culture around Security is Lacking
• Time for Security Tech to Include UI Testing and Consider User Experience
• Confusing on Not-Working Security Settings and Profit Motives
o Security thru Transparency
• Accountability of Provider in Turning off Security based on Requests
• Definition on Distributed Ledgers / Blockchain & Scalability Challenges
• Promise of Blockchain and Good Application for It / Digital Identity
• Zero Trust Security Overview
• Equifax Example and Regulation

Podcast with Chris Steffen on Security for Cloud, Edge, and the coming of GDPR

In this week’s podcast, Chris Steffen, Technical Security Director at Cryptzone joins Rob Hirschfeld and myself to cover the latest topics in cloud, edge and data security. Chris is a well-respected cloud security expert with practical experience securing large infrastructures as well as an excellent speaker and influencer on all things security,

Key Highlights:

• Current State of Cloud Security
• Where & What is On-Premises?
• Hardware Security and Lack of Industry Use
• Coming of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation from European Union) and Impact on US and Global Industry