Tricia Howard on Security as a Culture not a Tool Set

Joining us this week is Tricia Howard, Client Manager, Optiv for a special RANTCAST on Security.

About Optiv

Optiv Security is a security solutions integrator that enables clients to reduce risk by taking a strategic approach to cybersecurity. Align your security program to achieve specific business outcomes with our full suite of service capabilities, from strategy to technology—and everything in between.


  • Security Rant
  • Data Privacy and Rights / Data Security
  • Companies and Storage/Security of Personal Data
  • Data is a Currency
  • Securing Systems and Data Leakage
  • Password Re-Use and Lack of Re-Use Impact on Vendors / SIM Hacking
  • Monopoly Power of Big Tech Companies & Gov’t Regulation
  • Dark Web – What is it?
  • Identity on Internet
  • Perimeter Security

Time Stamp

  • 0 min 32 sec: Introduction of Guest
  • 1 min 20 sec: Rant on Security
    • Lack of Security Awareness outside of IT
    • End-User Shame vs End User Enable
  • 4 min 42 sec: What should Companies do who Collect Data?
    • Users should have rights to know what they are opting in for ~ Data Mining
    • Facebook and Congress not understanding each other
  • 8 min 05 sec: Intermixing Data Privacy and Data Security?
    • Not mutually exclusive
    • Build a culture around security
  • 9 min 03 sec: Data Leaks from Companies with our Data
    • How is data being forwarded to other companies that I am unaware is happening
    • Nothing is Free ~ Data is a Currency
  • 15 min 30 sec: Securing Systems and then Spreading Data all over the Internet
    • Zero Trust
    • Bouncers and Bartenders
    • Password re-use creates issues for vendors
    • SIM Card Hacking (#130 The SnapChat Thief)
  • 19 min 22 sec: Journalist Video on Not using Large Corporations for Security Reasons
    • Duck Duck Go (still runs on AWS)
    • Gov’t Regulations?
    • Dark Web – What is it? Nefarious
  • 23 min 30 sec: Identity on the Internet
  • 26 min 43 sec: Perimeter Security
    • There is no perimeter
    • Security as Culture not a Toolset
  • 28 min 02 sec: Wrap-Up
    • Includes Westminster 2019 Discussion

Podcast Guest: Tricia Howard, Client Manager, Optiv

A Native Texan now living in the magnificent New York City, Tricia Howard is an artist gone rogue who ended up in the wonderful world of technology. With a B.A. in Theatre Arts and interests ranging from Star Wars to Opera, she brings a unique and artistic perspective to her clients and the tech world. When she’s not solving business problems, you can find her singing, painting, and doing copious amounts of jigsaw puzzles.


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