CoDev With LLMs?

Can large language models effectively supplant developers and DevOps engineers?

Today we go deeper into how the models can be trained, if they can be trusted, and what is the upside or positive use case in which we really turn LLMs into the type of weighing person experts that they have the potential to be versus simply something that turns up the volume on how fast you generate code.

We also talked about the downsides of that type of model and the potential upsides of how powerful using these tools as assistants could emerge to be as a key aspect here to transform and improve the outcome for work.

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Rob’s Hot Take:

In the Cloud 2030 Podcast episode from August 31st, Rob Hirschfeld discusses the potential of using large language models to enhance DevOps and development outcomes. The conversation emphasizes the possibilities of leveraging AI to improve codebases, facilitate refactoring, and encourage code reuse by tapping into the knowledge embedded in existing code bases. Hirschfeld envisions a future where AI assists developers in reducing technical debt, maintaining code more efficiently, and consolidating code intelligently, ultimately leading to improved development practices. The episode explores the challenges and investments required for realizing these outcomes, encouraging listeners to delve into the full podcast for a comprehensive understanding. To engage in further discussions, interested individuals can explore the Cloud 2030 podcasts and join the conversations at

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