Future of Centos and Enterprise Linux

The Red Hat changes in how they publish the source code for CentOS sent a stream specifically, but unlike all the other conversations that I’ve heard, we dive into how enterprises can inoculate themselves from this type of disruptive change. We also address what it means for the ecosystem of vendors and how we can build better software in response to the potential fragmentation of Red Hat, Linux Enterprise Linux or Enterprise Linux distros.

This was a surprising conversation, because we addressed a lot of important trends in how companies depend on Linux stability, and what they could do. If you are in this boat with all of us looking at how to have stable long term secure infrastructure using Linux, you will love this podcast.


Transcript: otter.ai/u/dmrcCulS0X1CC4YGHO…?utm_source=copy_url
Image: www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-pe…de-table-3182755/

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