Can we regulate LLMs? Should we?

How do you regulate large language models? We look at the challenges of regulating these AI approaches and how governments and companies can approach it. We untangle how these models work, and dive into the mechanics of what information is controllable. We walk through concrete information that is a benefit to you here as our listener, and incentive for you to join us in future conversations as we continue to unravel it.

In addition, John Willis was on the panel today, and he started us off with a story about API’s, Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and O’Reilly from the warmup. So you’ll get a short bonus story by John Willis before we start.

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Rob’s Hot Take:

In a Cloud 2030 podcast episode, Rob Hirschfeld, CEO and co-founder of RackN, discussed the complexities of regulating large language models. He highlighted the stark differences in approaches between the US, focusing on model risks, and the EU, emphasizing user rights protection. Hirschfeld expressed concern about reconciling these varying perspectives, especially regarding data rights preservation and understanding the risks associated with using such models, particularly when algorithms cannot be fully validated. He invited listeners to engage in the ongoing conversation at the

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