AI And Technical Debt

We dig into a topic written about by Eric Norlin or SK ventures about technical debt and AI. In this episode, we discuss the consequences of generative AI could be radically transforming the way in which we generate code and deal with code that has been generated in technical debt.

We explore some fascinating concepts about how fast we can iterate, how we change the dynamics of building software, building automation, and the expertise required to architect systems. This leads pretty far down in the path towards disruptive thinking, and how this could reshape the entire industry.


Rob’s Hot Take:

In a discussion on the Cloud 2030 podcast, CEO and co-founder of RackN, Rob Hirschfeld, highlighted the changing landscape of expertise in emerging technologies like AI. With the cost to build and iterate dropping significantly, expertise is no longer primarily applied during the building process, but integrated into design and testing sequences. The advent of generative AI has the potential to revolutionize how we design and build automation, software code, and technical systems, necessitating a redefinition of expertise in this rapidly evolving field.

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