Ops After Kubernetes

How has Kubernetes changed our industry? Today’s discussion is part of a multi podcast conversation in which we’re going to think about ways in which Kubernetes could go away, or could influence other technologies in such a way to be transformative.

We went down the path of what we have learned from Kubernetes and how it influences other aspects of IT operations, architecture and design, and explored the impact that the expectation for declarative immutable operational constructs will play into other aspects of our system. We also discuss micro LS microkernels and how operations are staged to talk about the need for declarative OS, banking on this idea that what Kubernetes has built extends into other areas.

Chat GPT Summary:
“The conversation is part of a multi-podcast series focused on exploring ways in which Kubernetes could influence other technologies, as well as the potential consequences if it were to disappear.
During the discussion, the group delved into the lessons learned from Kubernetes and its impact on various aspects of IT operations, architecture, and design. One key takeaway was the importance of declarative immutable constructs in managing the complexities of modern IT systems. The group also explored the potential for microkernels to revolutionize system design and emphasized the need for declarative operating systems.
Overall, the discussion highlighted the transformative role that Kubernetes has played in shaping the IT industry and underscored the importance of adopting a declarative, immutable approach to managing complex IT systems.”

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