Generative AI in IT

What is generative AI and what are people now just generically calling ChatGPT?

We put these things in a technical frame, meaning can we use generative AI to improve our programming, testing or automation? What does it take to use these concepts in ways that iteratively improve IT infrastructures.

We review the state of chat, ChatGPT, AI infrastructure and things like that.


Rob’s Hot Take:

In a discussion on the DevOps Lunch and Learn podcast, Rob Hirschfeld, CEO of RackN, explores the complexities of generative AI and its impact on coding and automation. Hirschfeld raises questions about trust in generative AI models, emphasizing the need to understand how they are trained, updated, and refined to eliminate errors. He highlights the importance of creating reliable training sets to ensure the technology’s applications, focusing on enhancing system resilience and maintainability.

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