Digital Twins + AI = WOW

How can the intersection of generative AI machine learning and artificial intelligence be applied to environments using digital twins? Today we discuss digital twins and artificial intelligence.

How can we improve the simulations, the systems, the interactions that we build? How can we correctly model complex components of everything from cars to pumps in ways that allow us to then build on top and build more intelligent systems.

We come up with some grounded examples.


Rob’s Hot Take:

In the Cloud 2030 podcast episode on digital twins and AI, Rob Hirschfeld discusses the potential of using digital twins in handling real-world disasters, citing the recent train derailment in Ohio as an example. The concept involves quickly creating a digital twin of a disaster space to enable robots to learn, adapt, and efficiently mitigate the situation. Hirschfeld emphasizes the unprecedented opportunities for improving environmental interactions, responding to crises, and highlights the sophistication of ideas discussed in the episode. He encourages listeners to explore the full conversation on digital twins and AI at

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