Decentralized Platform Engineering

What are the human and management factors that go into building great platform engineering? And what are the efforts of control having too much control or too much flexibility, not enough collaboration, not creating space for innovation, and changing inside what’s inside these platform engineering efforts?

Today, we discuss centralized versus decentralized platform engineering, or as came up in the conversation about platform engineering, it’s the opposite of Java Enterprise, version and platform.

As you’re doing this type of work interacting with platform teams should influence how you design and authorize the effort to make that work. What type of slack you need to put in the system and what type of authority needs to be given to the platform engineering team.


Rob’s Hot Take:

In the Cloud 2030 Podcast episode on March 14th, Rob Hirschfeld discusses the importance of adopting a system-wide view in platform engineering, emphasizing the need to identify over-optimization in certain areas like developer productivity while underestimating other critical aspects such as operations, security, or compliance. Hirschfeld advocates for a holistic approach to platform engineering, focusing on optimizing the entire system, streamlining teams, and making strategic trade-offs rather than just emphasizing technology or developer productivity. He suggests that this mindset can lead to improved efficiency, productivity, and return on investment for platform teams, highlighting the significance of considering the broader organizational context. Hirschfeld encourages listeners to explore the March 14 episode for a deeper understanding of these concepts, available on the platform.

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