Business Value of Platform Engineering

Platform engineering is quite buzzy and has a lot of hype at the moment.

Today we dug behind the hype to acknowledge how the term is being used and misused. We cover why this is a topic of interest, how it’s driving customer thinking around operations and development teams, how it’s working to establish standard operating procedure around infrastructure and operations to support a business, and how those needs drive the evolution of our technology, infrastructure and design thinking.


Rob’s Hot Take:

In the Cloud 2030 podcast episode on platform engineering, Rob Hirschfeld highlights the evolution of IT from bespoke and custom practices towards standardized operations. He emphasizes the need for easier-to-use systems that conform to standard practices, enabling businesses to optimize and scale infrastructure more efficiently. Hirschfeld discusses the challenges of unique and non-standardized operations within organizations, leading to scalability issues and touches on the broader trend driving platform engineering. He encourages listeners to explore the full conversation on the Cloud 2030 channel and engage in further discussions at

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