AI And Platform Migration

A conversation about platform migration turned into an interesting topic about the end of expertise and the changing of the way we think about expertise in a variety of contexts.

How can platform improvement be radically transformed by the use of AI? We discuss entering a world where the lock that we’ve had in a platform, or the longevity of a platform, is radically transformed by the ability to review, scan, test, correct, and transport the data included in that system. The expertise needed to handle platform migration might be entering a new era in which it’s radically reduced. What are the implications of those transformations?

We address a wide range of the impacts of knowledge, AI, and generative machine learning.


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Rob’s Hot Take:

In the May 6th episode of the Cloud 2030 podcast, the discussion revolved around the diminishing significance of expertise due to advancements in AI and ML technologies. Rob Hirschfeld, the host, emphasized how various fields, from law to data science, traditionally reliant on specialized knowledge, are being impacted by AI, challenging established barriers of expertise. The episode explored the transformative implications of AI on different sectors, suggesting that this theme will be a focal point in future podcasts and discussions on

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