Improving Time To Decision

How do we improve the time to decision for CIOs? Today we talk about general business practice and how we can help.

Technical innovators and architects create value for the teams that they support. This can either be from an automation perspective, which is what RackN does, or from a data perspective, which Tyler describes in the podcast today. These are real challenges.

When we flip the script and talk about the miscommunication between how CIOs see business challenges and translate business challenges into technical delivery, however, we get into a fascinating set of discussions where Joanne brings up some key challenges for 2023. We also discuss mapping those from CIOs into implementation, followed by ultimately trying to find ways that people can make fast, valuable decisions that feel right.

This conversation is rooted in important conceptual executive level thinking. We’ll include the list of points that Joanne talks about below as well as in the show notes, and I highly recommend you check those out.

Joanne Friedman’s Key Challenges for 2023
1. Tackle inflation and margin pressure
2. Migrate supply chain disruption
3. Make sustainability a pillar
4. Calibrate talent management strategy
5, Streamline procurement and sourcing
6. Strengthen digital thread
7. Prioritize innovation initiatives

We try to name these key challenges, but in a lot of cases we are talking about the list or the graphic. You’ll need to refer to the show notes in order to see the complete one.


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