Hachyderm.io Leaves Basement


Hazel walks us through the Hackyderm.io leaving the basement migration. We also talk much more generally about Mastodon fediverse and scaling distributed systems.

This podcast is like a super class in what it takes to scale infrastructure and systems, especially live and under duress. Every minute of this conversation is worth listening to twice.

Check out these resources as well:

Transcript: otter.ai/u/FBIjekCBWcd8tlj1v-…?utm_source=copy_url
Image: www.pexels.com/photo/elephant-cu…ya-savanna-66898/

Rob’s Hot Take:

In the Cloud 2030 podcast episode discussing Hacky Derm’s scaling challenges, Rob Hirschfeld commends Hazel weekly for exploring the intricacies of exponential growth and federated platform integration. He highlights the significance of core architectural design decisions, such as Twitter’s use of immutable IDs for tweets and the necessity for sharing media files in federated systems. Hirschfeld emphasizes the impact of early design choices on an application’s lifecycle, resilience, and scalability, encouraging listeners to delve into the insightful January 31st episode and join the Cloud 2030 community for ongoing discussions at the2030.cloud.

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