Exploring Backstage.io Integration

Today we talk about backstage.io, and we have that conversation centered around a demo done by one of the RackN and interns, Zander Franks. Check out the demo video here: youtu.be/cAQQOmKz4OI

Zander has been exploring with the backstage to Digital Rebar integration, and the conversation that results explains backstage in some fundamental ways and also what it takes to build good developer portals.

You will find in this episode both the broader information about how to do integrations where you have a developer portal as a front end and the key insights about how backstage works.

To get the most out of the backstage pieces, you will definitely want to see the video on Youtube. Take time to enjoy this whole podcast, both in video and audio format.

Transcript: otter.ai/u/xWx-q_ZvK4oX1sDJS09F1BsaZZI

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