Governance As Code (pt 1 – identity)

Our discussion about governance as code today is one of a series that we’re going to be starting. In today’s episode, we started out discussing what is Governance as Code. Then we dug into identity and how important it is to know who is doing what in a governance process.

Special Guest: Kapil Thangavelu

Along the way, we touch on topics such as Infrastructure as Code, trust, logging, and audit – all essential components for governance.

If this is your first time hearing about Governance as Code, you will learn a lot here. Even if you already know the topic, the back half of today’s podcast poses some fantastic conversations and questions.


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  1. Neil Thomson says:

    Interesting and timely topic, but there are several people on the call, none of them introduced themselves (and the transcript link is busted). Too many buzzwords for those not in the container/aws/devsecops space (Terraform, CI chain, …). My background is data privacy, digital identity and data analytics, which included data management in the cloud, but not to administrator ops level of detail. My main interest is the need for Authentication (and identity), authorization, audit and data traceability/provenance – or in so many works cryptographic verifiable lineage in all those areas and data governance management with increasing data governance legislation.

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