Resourcing the Metaverse (+ Feedback aaS)

What resources does the Metaverse require? In this episode, we think of the metaverse as a distributed environment and ask if it could be owned by the people who are hosting the environments instead of centralized.

One of the complicating factors is figuring out if the Metaverse is AR, VR, augmented or virtual systems. Consensus was that the augmented reality (AR) version of the Metaverse is probably the most valuable and the most accessible for building these systems out. But we kept mixing physical assets and intellectual property assets: the virtual furniture, environments, decorations and things that you would actually put in the virtual environment. While the infrastructure and software that will run the Metaverse is more necessary, the real estate is also interesting.

Stay tuned for a bonus at 48 minutes where we had a good discussion about testing products and giving product feedback as a service


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