Serverless At The Edge

Serverless at the edge, part one. This is a dynamic and engaged conversation with key questions like:

What is serverless?
Do we need serverless?
How is edge serverless different than cloud serverless?

We see edge environments as collecting data from sensors that needs to be heterogeneous, multi vendor, dynamic and centralized. But where centralized?

I think that the serverless aspect of this really drives home the idea that we need to be able to make small, quick, easy updates into an edge environment into a sensor environment. But how we accomplish that is still to be defined.


Rob’s Hot Take:

In the November 11th episode of the Cloud 2030 podcast, the discussion centered around the concept of serverless at the edge, a topic not widely understood. Distinct from traditional cloud-based serverless systems like Lambda, serverless at the edge involves diverse sensors and input sources, requiring different architectures. The conversation emphasized the critical role of serverless at the edge but highlighted the need for unique definitions and platforms, shaping the future of this technology.

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