Niraj Tolia on Kubernetes, Stateful Applications, and Day 2 Data Management Challenges

Joining us this week is Niraj Tolia, Co-Founder and CEO, Kasten. He talks about his company’s focus on the cloud-native ecosystem and how Kasten is tackling Day 2 data management challenges to help enterprises confidently run stateful applications on Kubernetes. In particular, they have developed a unique application-centric approach to help operations teams with their backup/recovery, disaster recovery, and cross-cluster and cross-cloud mobility requirements.

Before starting Kasten, Niraj was the Senior Director of Software Engineering at EMC/Maginatics and was responsible for the CloudBoost family of data protection products. Prior to EMC’s acquisition of Maginatics, he was a founding member of the Maginatics team and played multiple roles within the company including VP of Engineering, Chief Architect, and Staff Engineer. Niraj received his PhD in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where, as a part of the Parallel Data Lab, he worked on distributed storage systems. He also received his BS and MS degrees in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

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