Open Infrastructure Summit and Community Recap w/ Ben Silverman

Joining us this week is Ben Silverman, Chief Cloud Officer, Cincinnati Bell Technology Services.


  • Ben Silverman Background
  • Experience at Denver Open Infrastructure Summit
    • PTG Separation
  • Free Software does not mean Free Support
  • Vendors in Attendance: Significant Downsizing of Companies
  • Installer Wars and Airship
  • Ironic Push & MaaS Alliance
  • Developers Portability and Languages
  • Cross Community Compatibility
  • Only Tools are OpenStack
  • Final Event Thoughts

Time Stamp

0.0 – 0.52             Introduction
1.43 – 3.28          Ben’s Background
3.28 – 7.37          Open Infrastructure Summit Experience
* Separate of Developers and Corporations
7.37 – 10.38        Free Software does not come with Free Support
* Vendors are not bad
10.38 – 12.57     How many vendors in attendance? Less than 15
* Not seeing revenue opportunity
* Business only; not interested in giving SWAG
* Vendors still selling OpenStack; Almost no Ecosystem at this time
12.57 –  17.27     Installation Tools and Promotion of Airship
* AT&T adoption is driving the promotion
* Airship is not a production ready technology
* Install Kubernetes and OpenStack with HELM charts (Very Complex)
* Ironic Push at Event
17.27 – 22.28     Developers Portable across Project
* Adding other projects into existing projects
* OpenStack always selects 1 way to do something
22.28 –  26.30     Cross Community Compatibility
* CNCF Comments
* Kubernetes and OpenStack in same world
26.30 –  33.15     Not talking about operating/open infrastructure; just OpenStack
* Not including other projects for best solution
* Day 2 Not Considered in OpenStack
33.15 –                  Wrap Up

Podcast Guest: Ben Silverman, , Chief Cloud Officer, Cincinnati Bell Technology Services.

Ben is currently the Chief Cloud Officer for the Service Provider/Telco team at Cincinnati Bell Technology Services (OnX Service Provider/Telco). He is also the co-author of the book “OpenStack for Architects” “Mastering OpenStack” and was the Technical Reviewer for “Learning OpenStack” (Packt Publishing).

When Ben is not writing books he is an active in the OpenStack Superuser Editorial Board and a technical contributor to the OpenStack Foundation Documentation Team (Architecture Guide) He also leads the Phoenix, AZ Open Infrastructure User Group. Ben is often invited to speak about cloud adoption, implementation, migration and cultural impact of the cloud at conferences, meetups, and special vendor events.

Prior to OnX, Ben was a Senior Cloud/System Architect at Mirantis, a top OpenStack distribution, where he was responsible for creating enterprise OpenStack architectures for some of the most prominent telecommunications and Fortune 100 companies worldwide.

Before joining Mirantis, Ben was the Lead Technical Architect and Engineer for the OpenStack cloud at American Express and was directly responsible for the architecture and deployment of the largest U.S. financial services cloud in production at the time. Today, this same cloud supports over 10,000 workloads.

Ben holds a degree in English communications and a Masters degree in Information Management from Arizona State University. When he’s not out evangelizing more people into the cloud lifestyle he likes to spend time with his beautiful wife and two crazy little boys in Phoenix, Arizona.


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