Patrick Pushor on Market Needs for Blockchain in the Enterprise

Joining us this week is Patrick Pushor, Director of Sales and Field Engineering, Clear Blockchain Technologies.

About Clear Blockchain Technologies    Clear builds blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks for global industries. Using enterprise-grade blockchain technologies and programmable smart contracts, these networks allow near-real-time settlement and automatic intelligent dispute resolution on a global scale. This reduces costs, inefficiencies and fraud, while maintaining confidentiality of contracts and trade details. Moreover, these networks enable rapid participant-driven innovation of new on-demand products, contracts, and business models, accelerating exponential growth.

  • Patrick’s Background in Cloud Computing (Public)
  • Why join Blockchain Startup?
  • Practical Blockchain Applications
  • Evolution Change in Commerce
  • Hype of Blockchain – e.g. Crypto Currency
  • Trusted Interactions – Prevent Fraud
  • Meeting Market Needs for Enterprise
  • SaaS Model vs Enterprise In-House Sale

Time Tracking

  • 0 min 42 sec: Introduction of Guest
    • Serial Startup Technologist
  • 2 min 52 sec: Why Blockchain?
    • New and Disruptive Technology Potential
  • 4 min 54 sec: Practical Blockchain Applications
    • Need to Transact with Parties don’t Trust Each Other
      • g. Refugees in New Country
    • Telcom Blockchain Payment System b/w Carriers
      • Incredibly Manual Process
    • 7 min34 sec: Commerce Transition to Peer to Peer
      • Evolution Change in Commerce
      • Target Processes with Existing Manual Systems
    • 10 min 56 sec: Crypto Hype
    • 13 min 02 sec: Does Blockchain allow Trusted Interactions?
      • Identity and Authentication
      • Anchor Points for Trust Relationships
      • Blockchain Layers
    • 17 min 50 sec: Leveraging for Existing Needs in Market
      • API Layer allow Blockchain Substitution creating Enterprise Solution
    • 19 min 59 sec: What Makes Enterprise Solution Different?
      • Customer Owned vs SaaS
      • Is Software Dead Thoughts on On-Site vs SaaS Operation
        • Proximity to Data is Challenge
      • 30 min 15 sec: Wrap-Up

Podcast Guest:  Patrick Pusher


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