Adam Toll Solving Lag in Desktop Gaming at the Edge

Joining us this week is Adam Toll, Founder of Haste.

About Haste   

Haste is a network optimizer for video games, reducing lag, packet loss, and jitter to improve your gaming experience.


  • Adam History in pre-CDN technologies, streaming music, and gaming lag issues
  • How Solve Lag Issues over Network
  • Quality of Service and Multi-Path
  • Challenges w/ Cached Content and Real-Time Content
  • Edge Management with Network Unpredictability

Time Tracking

  • 0 min 50 sec: Introduction of Guest
    • Background on Satellite Communication in Early Days Leading to CDN
    • Early Streaming Music Technology Startup
    • Angel Investing Period
  • 8 min 8 sec: How to Fix Lag Issues?
    • Early Web and Rich Media Challenges ~ Content Distribution Networks
    • Haste Focused on Real-Time w/ User Generated Content that is Dynamic
    • Overlay Network Architecture ~ Spend Bandwidth to Achieve Performance
  • 13 min 14 sec: Quality of Service and Multi-Path
    • Anticipatory Gaming – Action Timestamps
    • Duplicating Traffic on 4 Separate Paths
    • 3 Layers: Infrastructure, Suite of Software Defined Networking Tools, & Software on Gaming Machine Locally Installed
      • Caching Not Involved
    • 21 min 24 sec: Challenges of Out-Of-Date CDNs
      • Critical Issues
        • Game Software Updates (Required) – Traditional CDN
        • Active Game Play Stream – Haste Manages w/ EDGE GRAVITY by Ericsson
      • Local Haste Service – Monitor Streams to Ensure Fastest Access to Various Game Servers
        • Ensure Awareness of Various Game Servers Availability
      • 28 min 52 sec: How Shape Edge Infrastructure Based on Network Unpredictability
        • Path Diversity is Significant
        • Improve ISP Delivery of Gaming Services by Adding Haste in ISP Networks
        • Dynamic Allocation of Gaming Services based on Player Location and Network Features
      • 39 min 23 sec: Wrap-Up

Podcast Guest:  Adam Toll, Founder of Haste

Adam Toll is a Founder of Haste and focuses on alliances, future applications of Haste technology, and the strategic direction of the company. Adam was co-founder and COO of media startup BigChampagne which was acquired by Live Nation in 2011, and previously was a consultant in the satellite communications industry.

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