Rocky Grober on Role Discrimination and Learning Patterns in Open Source

Joining us this week is Rocky Grober, TBD


  • Open Source Project Health in QA and Quality
  • Escaping the Open Source Discrimination Cycle
  • Money in Open Source for Sustainability
  • Learning Patterns in Open Source
  • Crises in Open Source for Sustaining Projects
  • Open Source Foundations Need to Own Sustaining Engineering

Time Tracking

  • 1 min 12 sec: Introduction of Guest
  • 2 min 48 sec: QA and Quality in Open Source
    • Hidden Influencers in OpenStack
    • Ecosystem of Connections
    • Discrimination against QA in Open Source
    • Measurement of Participation by Commits Only
    • OpenStack Operators & Product Managers Voices Not Heard
  • 9 min 56 sec: How to Escape Current Cycle?
    • Having Operators and Customers as Part of Leadership in Community
    • Bring “Real-World” to Community Silos
    • Turning Code into Projects
  • 13 min 18 sec: Open Source Licensing
    • Open Source Developers Love New Toys and then Get Bored ~ When Software is Mature and Usable
    • Test for Integration not Just Expected Behavior ~ QA does this but Developers need to Engage in Exploratory Testing
  • 18 min 30 sec: Learning Patterns
    • Mike Kail on Defining Edge Podcast; Better to Iterate and Learn but can become repetitive
    • Iteration of Developers Recursively Improve Knowledge however some don’t gain System Understanding
    • Deep not Broad is a Mistake; Need to do Both
    • g. OpenStack focusing releases on specific parts of Product
    • Open Source Throws out All Lessons from Corporate Development which is a Mistake; plenty of good ideas should be used in Open Source
  • 24 min 22 sec: Developers Must Adjust to What Customers Need Not What Developers Want
    • If no one uses software is it significant?
    • Ecosystem around Open Source Projects Provide Support Customers Need
  • 27 min 45 sec: Is there a Crisis in Open Source for Sustaining Projects?
    • Lots of Types of People Doing Different Jobs in Open Source but Not Enough QA or Operators Taking Part in Projects
    • Need to Move Beyond Developers in Open Source
    • How Get Open Source Users to Participate via Funding or Staff for Software Maintenance?
    • What will Drive this to Happen? ROI
  • 31 min 50 sec: How Solve this Problem?
    • Foundations Need to Support Sustaining Engineering
    • Profit Motive Missing from Open Source is a Challenge
    • Gamification on Open Source Projects
    • Bug Priority based on Customer Need not Developer Interest
  • 38 min 10 sec: Wrap-Up

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