Sastry Malladi on Edgification and Real-World IoT Deployments

Joining us this week is Sastry Malladi, CTO, FogHorn.

About FogHorn

FogHorn is a leading developer of edge intelligence software for industrial and commercial IoT application solutions. FogHorn’s software platform brings the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to the on-premises edge environment enabling a new class of applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics, machine performance optimization, proactive maintenance and operational intelligence use cases. FogHorn’s technology is ideally suited for OEMs, systems integrators and end customers in manufacturing, power and water, oil and gas, renewable energy, mining, transportation, healthcare, retail, as well as smart grid, smart city, smart building and connected vehicle applications. FogHorn and Lightning are trademarks of FogHorn Systems. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.


  • FogHorn Data Aggregation Technology for Devices
  • Edge is Constrained
  • Containers are Standard
  • IoT Standard Environment
  • Autonomy at the Edge
  • Edge Architecture Tradeoffs
  • Machine Learning

Time Stamp

  • 0 min 45 sec: Introduction of Guest
  • 2 min 47 sec: Purpose of FogHorn Software
    • Data aggregation from many devices
    • PLC – Industrial Controller
    • How is FogHorn added into a device? Containers
      • Can become a full gateway
    • 7 min 58 sec: Edge is a Constrained Environment
      • How make sure environment has latest code? Container Processes
      • FogHorn assumes Edge devices can run Containers
        • Only issue with handheld devices (e.g. Android)
      • 12 min 52 sec: What will be standard in an IoT environment?
        • Sensor Protocols
        • Real-Time Processing of the Data (AI, Deep Learning, etc)
          • “Edgification”
        • Publication Layer
        • GOAL – Autonomy at the Edge
      • 18 min 39 sec: Are Decisions Close to Edge? Architecture Decisions?
        • Process where the data is
        • Move to predictive analysis
        • Aggregation of Information from Multiple Devices
      • 26 min 07 sec: Is Machine Learning a Component?
        • Process of Edgification
      • 30 min 41 sec: Wrap-Up

 Podcast Guest: Sastry Malladi, CTO, FogHorn

As CTO of FogHorn, Sastry is responsible for and oversees all technology and product development. Sastry is a results-driven technology executive with deep technology and management experience of over two and half decades. His areas of expertise include developing, leading and architecting various highly scalable and distributed systems, in the areas of Big Data, SOA, Micro Services Architecture, Application Servers, Java/J2EE/Web Services middleware, and cloud Computing to name a few.

Prior to joining FogHorn as CTO, Sastry was Chief Architect of StubHub, an eBay company, where he led the technology architecture transformation and also spearheaded the Big Data initiatives and data driven decisions. Sastry was also a key technology executive at eBay leading the technology re-platforming effort from its monolithic architecture to the distributed, and scalable service-oriented architecture enabling business growth. Prior to joining eBay, Sastry was co-founder and CTO of OpenGridSolutions, founding member and architect at SpikeSource, and an architect at Oracle.

Sastry frequently speaks at many technology conferences, contributes to many standards and has several patents under his belt. He holds a master’s degree from I.I.T, Kharagpur, India.

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