Cloud Don on Service Mesh and Edge Federation

Joining us this week is Sriram Subramanian, Founder and Principal Analyst, CloudDon.

About Cloud Don
Sriram Subramanian is an independent analyst catalyzing modern enterprise IT Transformations. His primary area of coverage is how cloud computing/ container technology based services are impacting modern enterprise IT. His representative clients include vendors such as Red Hat, Microsoft, HPE, and end users in retail, fin tech and healthcare.

Service Mesh Event (18 min 45 sec)

Service Mesh Day : March 28 – 29, 2019
Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco


  • Thoughts on late 2018 AWS ReInvent and KubeCon (Software vs SaaS)
  • Vendor Lock-In Hype
  • Service Mesh
  • Edge Computing


  • 0 min 16 sec: Introduction of Guest
  • 1 min 33 sec: Impressions from AWS ReInvent and KubeCon 2018
    • Software vs SaaS
  • 9 min 00 sec: Services Spun up Inside Kubernetes vs Vendor Lock-in
    • Over Hype of Vendor Lock-In?
  • 12 min 38 sec: Service Mesh
    • Why do I need Service Mesh on Kubernetes?
    • Enable Cloud-Native Paradigms
    • Kubernetes is not the Answer to Everything
  • 20 min 35 sec: Data Center Environment and Edge Computing
    • Is Kubernetes assumed for Edge?
    • LF Edge Announcement Podcast
    • Federation
  • 30 min 21 sec: Wrap-Up


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