Daniel Lizio-Katzen on Serverless in the Enterprise

Joining us this week is Daniel Lizio-Katzen, CEO Galactic Fog.


Galactic Fog was founded in 2014 by veteran engineers with the goal of streamlining application development. As engineers, we have spent years designing, building and deploying applications for both startups and large enterprises. At Galactic Fog, one of our goals is to provide a platform for us to contribute back to the developer community by open-sourcing many of our foundational components.

Galactic Fog’s core mission is to provide the systems that enable the design, development and cross-cloud operation of cloud-native apps through the use of enterprise grade function-as-a-service (FaaS) and container-as-a-service (CaaS) technologies. These apps should be resilient and declaratively integrated into any complex environment or configuration.


  • Function as a Service and Events
  • Operational Experience
  • Next Generation API Gateways
  • DevOps and Enterprises
  • Kubernetes as an Enterprise Platform
  • Edge is part of Galactic Fog


  • 0 min 36 sec: Introduction of Guest
  • 0 min 51 sec: Background on Daniel and Galactic Fog
  • 3 min 22 sec: How heterogeneous is the event driven space?
    • Event data mapping is not standard
  • 6 min 0 sec: What are the correct patterns for event systems?
    • FaaS Engine must be Tunable
  • 8 min 15 sec: Operational Experience in FaaS
    • Integration into someone’s environment
    • Focused on enterprise developers – platforms must be tunable for variety of solutions using serverless
  • 14 min 52 sec: Next Generation of API Gateways
    • Future is Istio
    • Enterprise does not want DevOps but rather Managed Kubernetes
  • 17 min 15 sec: DevOps, Developers, and CI/CD Pipelines
    • How do you help sustain an app with thousands of moving parts?
    • Microservices architecture is difficult
  • 27 min 51 sec: Is Kubernetes Ready for Enterprise as a Platform?
    • Still in early stages
    • Opens software company options for platforms
  • 32 min 24 sec: Edge Computing and Galactic Fog?
  • 34 min 23 sec: Wrap-Up

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