Jim Clark on the Software Delivery Machine

Joining us this week is Jim Clark, Chief Architect and Founder of Atomist.

About Atomist

Our goal is to remove every last bit of unnecessary work that gets between you and shipping great software.

We created Atomist in 2015 with the goal of transforming how software is developed and delivered. We believe that developers should have tools to take care of the individual stages of that flow, and very importantly, a way to integrate, streamline, and automate the overall flow from code to ship. We started Atomist to build that platform for developers.


  • What and How of Atomist Technology
  • Delivery as a Workflow Issues
  • Automated Code Updates ~ e.g. Code Analysis
  • Software Delivery Machine


  • 0 min 21 sec: Introduction of Guest
  • 2 min 14 sec: What does Atomist do? How does Atomist do it?
    • Empower developers to deliver for Cloud-Native
    • Software delivery is now an integration problem of too many tools
  • 5 min 23 sec: Delivery is a Workflow
    • Atomist does not believe this is correct
    • Raise ALL developers up and not just select teams: Spread-out Expertise
  • 12 min 16 sec: Atomist Tweak Submitted Code for Standards
    • ChatOps are used extensively
    • Code Analysis example
  • 16 min 59 sec: Code as Data not Linear Flow
    • Push Event example
    • Bots running in background
    • Docker base image analysis
  • 24 min 36 sec: Software Delivery Machine
    • Graph Oriented Model using GraphQL
    • How it Works
    • Visibility without Expertise at every stage in a pipeline
  • 34 min 51 sec: Wrap-Up

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