Arpit Joshipura on Linux Foundation Launch of LF Edge

Joining us this week is Arpit Joshipura, general manager, The Linux Foundation.

About LF Edge

LF Edge is a new umbrella organization that aims to establish open, interoperable frameworks for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system. Launched in January 2019, LF Edge is comprised of existing Linux Foundation projects Akraino Edge Stack, EdgeX Foundry, and Open Glossary of Edge Computing, as well as the new Project EVE from ZEDEA and Home Edge Project from Samsung Electronics.


  • LF Edge Introduction
  • Collaboration b/w LF Edge and other Open Source Communities
  • Specific Projects in LF Edge at Launch
  • Difference b/w LF Foundation and OpenStack Foundation
  • Engaging with the LF Foundation
  • Telco Involvement


  • 0 min 12 sec: Introduction of Guest
  • 1 min 10 sec: Why did Linux Foundation decide it was time for Edge?
    • Umbrella Project – collection of similar areas
  • 2 min 34 sec: Open Glossary of Edge Computing Project
    • Wikipedia Style Definitions for Edge Terminology
    • Podcast: State of the Edge Report
  • 4 min 35 sec: What is the scope of LF Edge?
    • 4 Different Silos (IoT, Cloud, Enterprise, Telco)
    • Latency is Critical for App Definition for Edge
  • 7 min 20 sec: Interplay b/w Umbrellas, Projects, and Consortiums
    • Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
    • LF Edge Blueprints
  • 11 min 16 sec: Specific Technologies in LF Edge
    • 5 Projects at Start
  • 17 min 28 sec: Is there a Core Project for LF Edge?
  • 19 min 42 sec: OpenStack Foundation vs LF Edge and How Managed
  • 22 min 15 sec: How do other proprietary Platforms interact with LF Edge?
  • 24 min 40 sec: Telco Involvement
  • 32 min 09 sec: Wrap-Up

Podcast Guest:  Arpit Joshipura, general manager, The Linux Foundation

Arpit Joshipura brings over 25 years of networking expertise and vision to The Linux Foundation, with technical depth and business breadth. He has instrumented and led major industry disruptions across enterprises, carriers, and cloud architectures, including IP, broadband, optical, mobile, routing, switching, L4-7, cloud, disaggregation, SDN/NFV, and open networking, and has been an early evangelist for open source. Arpit has served as CMO/VP in startups and larger enterprises, including Prevoty, Dell/Force10, Ericsson/Redback, ONI/CIENA, and BNR/Nortel, leading strategy, product management, marketing, engineering, and technology standards functions.

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