Eric Fouarge on Open Source Tools in Cloud, Business Needs and Microservices, and Reality of Serverless

Joining us this week is Eric Fouarge, CTO at Root Level Technology.

About Root Level

Root Level Technology is a cloud strategy partner. We are the seamless extension of your development and programming teams. We provide a concierge-style support experience for every client, no matter the size. We are an agile shop at the core, with a focus on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. We are the hold your hand, wake us up at midnight, 5-star, real deal support clients have always wanted.


  • Discussion on Tools for Cloud Native
  • Business Needs and Microservices
  • Issues with New, Rapidly Developing Tools
  • Impact of Cloud Native on Operations/Development
  • Severless Alternatives to Lamda, etc


  • 0 min 49 sec: Introduction of Guest
  • 2 min 32 sec: Suite of Tools Being Used
    • Open Source Tools vs Proprietary Tools
  • 6 min 34 sec: Tradeoffs in Complexity and Tools
    • Time to Production
  • 7 min 43 sec: Do Customers bring their own Devs to Project?
  • 8 min 49 sec: Business Needs Driving Architectural Decisions at Microservice Level
    • Warning Signs in this Process
  • 12 min 04 sec: Is Cloud Native/DevOps Tooling Different?
    • Change Rate on New Tooling – e.g. Istio
    • What are some Best Practices in this Space?
    • How do you sell the Capabilities?
  • 18 min 34 sec: Return of Process Development in the Enterprise via Cloud Native
  • 19 min 52 sec: Serverless Alternatives to Lambda, etc
    • Kubernetes Options vs Vendor Options
    • Serverless does not eliminate the basics
    • Value of Service Mesh
  • 27 min 26 sec: How to Learn Service Mesh
    • Not Trivial Technology to Learn and Use
    • Rise of Kubernetes being Foundational
  • 31 min 30 sec: Orchestration of Building Cloud Apps
    • Terraform Issues in Production
  • 33 min 21 sec: Wrap-Up


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