Blockchain Technology Partners on their Startup and Key Issues of Blockchain

Joining us this week is the team from Blockchain Technology Partners: Duncan-Johnston-Watt, Kevin O’Donnell, and Mike Zaccardo live from GlueCon 2018 in Colorado.

Blockchain Technology Partners is an Edinburgh-based technology startup:
• Mission – to radically simplify the enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies
• Goal – to reduce the cost and complexity of doing business through decentralization while ensuring trust, transparency and accountability in a distributed world
• Focus – providing a production-ready blockchain platform and partnering with businesses to deliver blockchain-based solutions

• Who is Blockchain Technology Partners and Company Objectives
• What is Blockchain: Distributed Transaction Log and Consensus
• Decentralization of Ledgers and Centralization Weakness (Bitcoin e.g)
• Use Cases for Blockchain
• Publication Components of Blockchain; its Middle-Ware
• Trusted Authorities and Broker Replacement (Shipping e.g.)
• Edge Computing and Blockchain Examples
• Data Responsibility and Local Blockchains
• Blockchain Technology Partners Open Source Model and Technology

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