Jim Plamondon tells history of developer evangelism and so much more

Coming direct from Cambodia is a rare podcast with Jim Plamondon, the creator of how software platforms were built at Microsoft via APIs and developer evangelism. In this podcast, he talks about the early history of developer evangelism at Apple and Microsoft, the current state of open source, and the upcoming competitive industry coming from China and its roots in the third world.

* Soviet Agriculture and Technology Market Comparison
* Why NeXT and Apple Failed with Software Industry but iPhone Succeeded
* China Industry Takeover is Coming: Product Price Points

Books referenced in the podcast:
* Game of X v.1: Xbox (Volume 1) by Rusel DeMaria
* Game of X v.2: The Long Road to Xbox (Volume 2) by Rusel DeMaria

Note – If you are easily offended by language please consider skipping this podcast

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