Your next DC… Edge or Cloud?

Cloud versus Edge? This panel dove into what makes edge different than cloud.

There are a lot of different technical and commercial drivers. And fundamentally, it matters who owns the sources of data and how data sources are different. This underscores how it is critical to understand data sources, infrastructure ownership, and how everything fits together.

This discussion will change to you rethink what makes Edge different than Cloud.

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Certificate Management (Let’s Encrypt Expiry)

Understanding and Managing Certificates is a critical operational skill in which we cover the basics and then go deeper.

If you are familiar with SSL HTTPS, you are using certificates on a daily basis. And yet, actual management of trust and root CA is and distributing private and public keys or distributing public keys and managing private keys is tricky.

Even our expert panel still struggles while we understand what’s going on. One of the challenges with this is in education and having people understand what they’re actually getting from certificates and trust, and what they’re not getting.

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Modular Automation via Pipelines and Digital Twins

Today’s episode, we talked about the challenge of making Modular Automation. We broke down why that is so hard and really dug into ways in which we can increase the modularity and reuse of automation.

That led us to talking about infrastructure pipelines, infrastructure, reuse, and sharing state via digital twins in infrastructure.

All of this comes together in really fascinating ways!

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Deep Dive into Secrets Management

We go into the details about Secrets Management. We explore how the process works, and how to do it right. We also cover the alternatives.

This podcast is for you if you are trying to understand how secrets management works. We cover different scenarios where it can be applied, and where can go wrong.

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A Peak Of Trustability?

“The peak of trustability” came up during our discussion of Trust in general. We really unwound what trust means starting from simple concepts like credentials and certificates and other security items.

We got to a point where trust is also about software supply chain! Security includes how much you keep up with changes and what the latest things are. Then we realized that trust has an important time value: you don’t trust, initially, you build trust, and then you lose trust.

This creates a peak of trust ability concept that I hadn’t heard articulated before. I think is really important in understanding trust in a broader sense, especially when we think about Zero Trust. That;s not the end. It’s an end point and it’s also a starting point for building interconnections and relationships with people and tech.

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Continuous Infrastructure Automation

Continuous Infrastructure Automation is a critical concept about driving much more resilient and repeatable systems.

As we build out applications on infrastructure, we should not treat them as a static deployment. Instead, we should think of infrastructure as constantly evolving, growing and changing.

There’s a lot of technology and challenges in building that! In discussion, we firmly believe that this is the right path, but the path to get there is challenging. There are a lot of components that have to be considered: everything from artificial intelligence or machine learning, to how to manage and control and standardize the automation that does all that work.

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Edge Control Planes

Building an edge control plane is challenging! It’s not clear even what is currently available. As always, data, data pipelines, data orchestration, and data choreography are all influential for edge infrastructure.

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Challenges of API Design

Good APIs are hard to design! Making them long lasting and scalable is even harder.

We discussed two aspects of API design. First, making about Event Bus for system integration and then RackN CTO, Greg Althaus, discusses what his team considers a good API design from Digital Rebar.

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Is Open Source Working?

Is open source driving innovation? And Is it a necessary component of Right to Repair and ownership? Are there commercial drivers where people want those open capabilities?

We transition into a deeper conversation about what’s going on with open source. Is it being innovative? Who is leading? How is it working?

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Terraform Usage Patterns (Gitops, IaC, Templates)

Cloud provisioning is very difficult when you go beyond simple provisioning and start thinking about how to to stitch together infrastructure in a repeatable way!

Specifically, today’s episode is a deep dive into Terraform usage patterns.

We get very hands on as we talk about how you manage state files and how you connect things together with Terraform.

We will spend a significant amount of time discussing in the fall because building infrastructure in a scalable automatable way, is a critical topic for the group.

This is an ongoing topic for us – stay tuned for more episodes!

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