Building our IT Talent Pipeline

In this episode, we question the IT talent pipeline. We really work through boot camps and how we are building talent and skills for the generation of IT workers.

We ask some key questions like:
Are degrees necessary?
Can you teach these things quickly?
How do we actually learn the skills that are necessary to build resilient systems?
And what would it look like if we were creating certification programs, real certification programs, like we have in other trades?

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Designing for 5G and Digital Twins

We talked about 5G, factories and edge infrastructure.

They are very interconnected because they live at the network edge and are sensitive to how we need to route traffic.

This is important as the basis for using digital twinning as a new user experience (UI/UX) around interacting with systems. This new approach is starting to emerge and it will be very network intensive, visually oriented, and involve overlaying the physical world with the virtual world.

How the heck are we going to connect all these things together?


Do we have a Right To Right for Data & IP?

Right to Repair is the idea that when you buy a product, you’re able to fix it. We’ve been building products lately that don’t have that inherent part of the contract.

In this episode, we really took Right to Repair to another level talking about Intellectual Property (IP) and ownership of that IP in the software components.

This topic impacts every single business and every single consumer!

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That’s Not Terraform Orchestration!

This episode is about Terraform orchestration, what some people might call a TACO, in which we actually tried to do cloud provisioning in a orchestrated way. But this is a really challenging thing to do!

Orchestration is really hard so our discussion kept coming back to saying that this isn’t orchestration at all: it’s Infrastructure as Code and management.

We need to find a consistent way to to run a workflow or a control plane. We’re not even getting to the point where we’re coordinating or orchestrating aspects of different systems and using remote or API driven infrastructure.

Even if you use Terraform, you will get a lot out of this discussion!

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Distributed Infrastructure

With Distributed Infrastructure and the Edge, we cover the challenges of managing applications that are, by definition spread out throughout heterogeneous infrastructure.

Distributed Control is designed to control systems that are are not in cloud data centers with localized compute and storage. But then how do we manage it?

We discussed details about how these systems get built, and kept coming back to “do we need to have localized processing?” If we do, how do we manage it?

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Edge Impact of Digital Twins

We talk about Digital Twins and the Edge with Simon Crosby from Swim.AI. They are literally building digital twins in edge locations so he has a lot to share.

We work to expand and understand how Simon’s experience translates into general cases and what we’re seeing in the edge. The systems that we’re trying to build are at the intersection of models and “connectedness” of all the components for the edge.

These designs don’t fit traditional models and it is what makes edge unique. Edge is not a single application, but a connected system that going to have to emerge to make all this work together.

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Topics for a Security Training Course

DevOps Lunch and Learn was about security practices. Specifically, we built an outline of topics in security that we think are necessary for developers and operators to build secure applications.

We basically built a week long course curriculum!

As we go through what this course curriculum we walk through who needs to know this information and why.

If you want to see all of the detail here, please see:…ng=h.c2phqte5q4pl

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